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Committees and Groups Within the Church

Committees perform very important functions within the church community.  Committees allow decision making responsibility and authority with the committee members.

Groups are folks that have a common interest and focus, such as our Choir for people that love music and singing. 

If you see a Group or Committee you are interested in please contact the Chairperson for that particular Group/Committee. A number of groups/committees are listed below, a complete list is available upon request.


Karla Jordan-Director

Don Tillman-Assistant

A choir director is the person who leads a vocal ensemble. Choir directors do more than conduct and lead a choir, they also have the responsibility of making sure the members attend rehearsals and are at their best when performing. They carefully choose the pieces that the group will perform and make sure everything is in order prior to performance.

Sunday School

Don Tillman-Director

Frances Kimball-Asistant

Sunday school, also called church school, for religious education, usually for children and young people and usually a part of a church or parish. It is the foremost vehicle for teaching the principles of the Christian religion and the Bible.

Vacation Bible School

Karla Jordan-Director

Pat Taylor-Assistant

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Virginia Simpson-Director

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Children's Church

Sandra Napier-Director

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