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Love God enough that you

Learn more about Him

so you can

Lead others in faith to Him


   Scripture reveals that the two primary goals of the Church are to love God, as seen in the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) and share Jesus, as seen in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

   As a church, we believe we can best fulfill our calling to make disciples by living a Christian life focused on three basic purposes. If you will live for these purposes, you will experience an authentic, growing and vibrant relationship with God while fulfilling his purpose for your life. These three basics of the Christian life are to LOVE, LEARN, AND LEAD

   Here at Eureka Baptist Church we strive to provide an environment where you can experience each of these essential purposes. Our members are encouraged to make a commitment to strive to fulfill each purpose every week. It is easy to attend a worship service each week where you can connect with God in song and Scripture, or plug into and participate in a small group to grow spiritually and relationally, as well as find a place of service in the church where you can care for and minister to the needs of others.

   Our desire is to provide an environment where people can find new life in Jesus Christ, a place where friendships begin and grow, as together we strive to make an eternal difference in our community to the glory of God.

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